arrival of cheif guest DC Doda1 arrival of chief guest day 22 cheif guest DC Doda3 cluster meet day 24 DC Doda visit to hostels5 flag hosting by DC Doda6 handball match .7 handball match8 IMG201806041108179 IMG2018081508112010 IMG2018081508115811 IMG2018081508134712 IMG2018081508412113 IMG2018081508541214 IMG2018081509020815 IMG2018081509033916 IMG2018081509232617 IMG2018082511251518 IMG2018082511281519 IMG2018082511373820 IMG2018082511443721 IMG2018082511454222 IMG2018082511472023 IMG2018082511492124 IMG2018082511493925 IMG2018082511515226 IMG2018082511530827 IMG2018082511550328 IMG2018082511560729 IMG2018082511562530 IMG2018082511563831 IMG2018082511565032 IMG2018082511570533 IMG2018082512002834 IMG2018082512010135 IMG2018082512073536 IMG2018090317572937 IMG2018090508134538 IMG2018090508292439 IMG2018090508301640 IMG2018090516252741 IMG2018090516255442 IMG2018090516262943 IMG2018090516315344 IMG2018091011163945 IMG2018091011174446 IMG2018091011293947 IMG2018091011474148 lightning of lamp by cheif guest49 lightning of lamp by DC doda50 salute by DC Doda to students51 salute by DC Doda to students152 sports spirit oath53 welcome of chief guest by worth Principal54 welcome song by students55 welcome song day 256
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