In order to achieve the avowed aims and objectives of the Samiti, for the alround and harmonious development of a child in a Navodaya Vidyalaya, the action plan for the academic session 2015-16 has been drawn up as follows:


1.                 ACADEMIC:-

For an improvement in the academic scenario, the following measures are being taken and will be taken for achieving the bench mark of 100% pass and 100% 1st Divisions in both Board and Non-Board results set by the Samiti. The subject average will be above 90%.


a.      COVERAGE OF SYLLABUS: The dates for the coverage of syllabi as given by the Samiti for the various classes is as under:


X and XII - 15th October 2015.

VII, VIII, IX and XI - 15th November 2015.

VI - 15th December 2015.


The above dead line fixed for the coverage of the syllabus will be followed in letter and spirit as it is being pursued and no let up in this regard will be entertained . Each and every teacher for this will be monitored and watched closely; If some one lacks behind because of certain unforeseen problems such as proceeding on leave on account of unavoidable circumstances will be made to cover the unfinished course in the extra time given in the mornings and evenings. The coverage of syllabus will ensure the full gasp and comprehension of the contents on the part of students.

b.     REVISION OF COVERED SYLLABUS: The syllabus once covered will be revised effectively and meticulously removing the difficulties of the students if they have any. Nothing remains unlearned and un-deciphered by the educands, it will be ensured.

c.     CONTINOUS COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION: The back bone of teaching and learning process in terms of given tests evaluating them to know the performance of the students will be adhered to with zeal and jest. The tests will comprise class tests, class feed-backs, unit tests and term tests and proper record of them will be maintained. In these tests blue prints and marking schemes will be prepared by the concerned teachers and evaluations will be done effectively. The answer sheets shown to the students, mistakes pointed out rectified and their follow up will be taken.

d.     REMEDIAL TEACHING: The weaknesses and strengths of the taughts will be identified on the basis of unit tests administered. The remedial classes will be arranged for the slow learners till they come up to the desired level. If the weakness in a particular subject is on mass level the teacher will be asked to revise the topic and administer the tests till that very specific weakness is not eliminated.

e.      SUPERVISED STUDY: The supervised study will be given the due weitage providing each class with a teacher and spreading it over two hours duration of time. The interested teachers or whose syllabus in particular class is lagging behind will be made to make up the same.

f.       ASSIGNMENT AND PROJECT WORK: In order to arouse the interest of the students and motivate them for taking up the studies and classes seriously they will be given assignments and projects.

g.     USE OF TEACHING AIDS AND SMART-CLASS: In order to make the teaching and learning process interesting and more informative, the teachers will make the use of teaching aids. They will be requested to make atleast five teaching aids this year with the help of students and the Art-teacher. This year we have also set up a Smart-Class and the teachers will take their classes in this room making use of the Computer and T.V set. For this purpose we have also secured CDs and at the same time we are also having Internet facility (V-Sat) which can be used at times to download latest information to make the lessons enriched.

h.     LIBRARY: Library in a Vidyalaya is store house of knowledge and information both for students and teachers. It will be strengthened with the procurement of the quality books, magazines, journals and news papers. In order to inculcate the reading habits among the students and provision of news papers house wise will be continued and this will update their information about the World Current affairs and make them proficient in general awareness. They will be issued library books and each student will have to read atleast a book in a month and their synopsis will be jotted down by the students and checked by the librarian. For the purchase of library books a Library Purchase Committee (LPC) will be formulated.

i.        LABORATORIES: The laboratory exposure will be given to the students even hailing from Junior classes. The teacher teaching to these classes will be made to make the use of laboratory apparatus and other equipments for delivering the lesson in the class room. This will definitely make them develop scientific temperament and attitude. This year we have prepared a laboratory manual in a workshop conducted in our laboratory and the experiments selected for the VI, VII, VIII classes in each discipline of science will be conducted in the laboratory. For higher classes monthly based practicals will be performed and not towards end of the academic session.

j.        PRINCIPAL’S SUPERVISION DIARY: In order to make the system accountable and effective the Principal will maintain a diary monitoring and supervising the work of the officials. Similarly, the teachers will also maintain the teacher’s diary and checked by the Principal frequently and if he feels like can give the instructions for updating and recording of the information necessary for the students.

k.     STAFF MEETINGS: In the beginning of the every month the staff meeting will be held and months programme will be drawn up. Its recording will be made and preserved as a record. In the meeting for the betterment of the children the academic related and other allied matters the groups of the teachers can be made and topics allotted to work up on the task so that they can give the expertise of them in the recommendations for tackling or promoting a specific task.

l.        CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: In order to promote and develop the latent talent among the students and make them acquire skill in public speaking and communicating their views effectively co-curricular activities like declamation contest, poem recitation competitions, painting competitions and many other cultural activities have been put in the school annual calendar and are being carried out sincerely for which every Saturday evening has been spared. There will be maintained liaison with the District Authorities and other organizations so that our students can participate in District Level and other State Level competitions.

m.   PACE SETTING ACTIVITIES: In order to make the institutions falling with in the vicinity of the Vidyalaya to participate in the various activities the pace setting activities will be organized in the school so that their will be an exchange of views and other things among the participating students. The school has incorporated such activities in the Vidyalaya calendar and they will be got organized in befitting manner.

n.     GAMES AND SPORTS: To make the students physically sound games and sports period has been introduced in the school time table in the morning half an hours PT is conducted and one and a half hours games and sports activities are spared for refreshing the students from the exhaustive routine of the day.

o.     NCC AND SCOUTS AND GUIDES ACTIVITIES: The activities in these disciplines are being carried out sincerely and provision for them has been kept in the school calendar. The NCC parades are being conducted regularly.

p.     PANEL INXPECTION: The routine panel inspection of the Vidyalaya gives us an assessment of our weakness and strengths. For plugging any hole pointed out or any suggestion or guidance rendered will be fully implemented for the improvement of the functioning of the Vidyalaya.